Online Learning

Please find the online curriculum for this half term. Students are to consolidate and recap lessons as well as practice past papers. All work will be assessed by your subject teacher.

In the links below, you will find work assigned by your teachers for the core subjects – Mathematics, English and Science.

You are expected to use this time to study these key areas to ensure that you are up to date with your studies in preparation for the upcoming exams or assignments.

Only the core subject areas have been uploaded here, your vocational subject areas will set you work via other platforms, such as Google Classroom.

To access Google Classroom, you need to login to Google using your school email address ( which will take you to the RMUnify page where you can access Google Classrooms.

If you have forgotten your password or have never logged in before, please contact to reset your password.

If any students or parents need to get in touch with the pastoral team, please contact

Core Subjects


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is maths_blackboard.jpg


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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is science.jpg

Also, the online resource twinkl has offered a one month ultimate membership free of charge to help support further learning and revision for Mathematics, English and Science, which you can find here using the code UKTWINKLHELPS

You can also now stream an incredible collection of stories without having to pay for a subscription through audible

You can access a range of educational resources here

Here is a full list of Google Classroom codes for you to join:

Health and Social Care

Year 10: rgabvzw

Year 11: jaj7g4y


Year 10: ijskiid

Year 11: bd2ntrs

Year 12: s6kikuz

Year 13: 6gfeejh


Y 10 Maths, Anne:  wnwojx6

Y 10 Maths, Heather: hme2odk

Y10 Maths, Adam: l42jf5z

Y11 Maths, Adam: 6qxppob 

Y11 Maths, Anne: epz5sxq

Y 11 Maths, Heather: 7daleyq

Y12 Core Maths, Anne: glb7btg 

Y13 Core Maths, Heather: kkgsqjs

Key Stage 5 GCSE Resit Maths, Adam: iyb3qmw

Key Stage 5 Functional Maths Level 2, Anne: buqw2mv

Key Stage 5 Functional Maths Level 1, Anne: 3smfoea


Year 10 English Language: oil7jg6

Year 10 English Literature: tjhztik

Year 11 English Language code: 3ljhdas

Year 11 English Literature code: tga6fvs

Resit code: sehjh3v

Functional skills code: iugzqw7

A Level Code: tjw7u4v


Year 10 Biology: fw3ovla

Year 10 Chemistry: apsrtho

Year 10 Physics: 6pv7qje

Year 11 Biology: fazhipf

Year 11 Chemistry: rp3xs57

Year 11 Physics: 2olw6v4


Year 10: kpohqhd

Year 12/13: wdgi2s5


Year 10: u5fafxn

Year 11: vxtidg3


Year 10: tjujb5f

Year 11: 25pd6re

Year 12: 53ikdvy

Year 13: nzy2tvx

Performing Arts

Year 10: uk2f7tj

Year 11: eruef33

“Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.”

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