KBM EduWealth & YoungSpender work together to deliver an exciting new online 5 week money management workshop for the youth, FOR FREE! in collaboration with the education and economic empowerment team at 100 Black Men of London.

This is a great opportunity for young people to build a strong financial foundation and build skills to last them a lifetime. Unfortunately schools do not teach this enough and in such uncertain times, this is a life skill that can not be missed.

Each student will receive a booklet to keep, with further information and somewhere to write their notes. All students that complete the course will receive a certificate from 100 Black Men of London.

There are also prizes to be won at the end for students who have shown progress and understanding.

The age range this course is designed for is 14 – 18 year olds.

Schedule below

13/02/21 @2pm – What is Money?

20/02/21 @2pm – Budgeting and Saving

27/02/21 @2pm – Good Debt vs Bad Debt

06/03/21 @2pm – Credit Rating, Credit Scores & Credit Reports

13/03/21 @2pm – Financial Goals & Planning

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