Health and Social Care

Year 1 – BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Health and Social Care

Year 2 – BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care

The intent of  Health and social care 

In health and social care, we aim to give students the tools, knowledge, practical skills, empathy and to increase confidence in their abilities in order to shape them into well rounded professionals in the world of health and social care.

Health and social care aims to help students develop a sense of industries under the health and social care umbrella, to be able to apply the theory they gained to scenarios and real life settings and the ability to evaluate the information they have been given. We hope that if this is achieved this will give students the confidence to make good decisions not only in a health and social care setting but in life itself.

The health and social care curriculum is designed to prepare and give real experience to students thus preparing them for working life. We want students to be able to make informed decisions. We also want students to be able to evaluate solutions using knowledge, empathy common sense, policy and legislation, and to be confident with their solutions. This can be achieved through following the level 3 health and social care curriculum and work experience and guest speakers. 

Units and Assessment 

Over the two years students will complete a number of units which will equate to the equivalent of 3 A Levels. 

Students complete a range of assessments which are made up of course work and examination units (9 course work and 4 examination). 

Please see below for an example of the yearly plan for students completing the course.

Year 1Year 2
Unit 7- Principles of safe practiceUnit 8- promoting public health
Unit 1- Human Lifespan Development Unit 11- psychological perspectives
Unit 5- meeting individual care and support needsUnit 17 Caring for individuals with dementia
Unit 19- Nutritional HealthUnit 3- anatomy and physiology
Unit 10- Sociological perspectivesUnit 4- research project
Unit 2- Working in Health and Social CareUnit 6 – work experience
Unit 12- supporting individuals with additional needs 

Work experience

All students will be required to take a work experience position to gain hands on experience and be able to put the theory we have studied into practice.

 Where possible students will have the opportunity to complete work in the community to further their understanding of how positive interaction can promote well being

The Health and Social Care department has been proven to contribute to raising confidence, knowledge and experience for learners to enable them to be successful with their next steps to Higher Education and industry. 

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