Year 1 – RSL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for music practitioners (Performance or technology)

Year 2 – RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma for music practitioners (Performance or technology)

The intent of the music department

The music department at Walsall Studio School provides a varied curriculum through all aspects of musical performance, recording, composition and musical analysis.  Everything that we do is designed to give a “real-life” experience of what it is like to work as a developing musician or sound engineer within a high quality music industry setting.   This vocational setting allows learners to access all areas of the course and develop through project based learning and cross-collaborative practice. 

The music department promotes high aspirations for all our students, supports them to   progress   during   their  time   at   Walsall   Studio   School, and   encourages   them to achieve the best that they are able to. 

Our aim is to design lessons that engage as well inform, advise and promote good professional practice.  The strong creative ethos allows students to develop their confidence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence in order for them to become life-long learners within all subjects. This will further enhance their learning journey through 6th form, higher education and beyond into industry. 

Units and Assessment 

Over the two years students will complete a number of units equating to 1080 guided learning hours (GLH) which will equate to the equivalent of 3 A Levels. 

Students complete a range of assessments which are made up of internal and external units 

Please see below for an example of the yearly plan for students completing the course.

Year 1Year 2
309: Composing for Adverts and TV  349: Planning a Career in Music
365: Auditioning for Music  391: Composing, Collaboration and Recorded Performance (External Core) 
382: Using Music Multi- Effects 341: Royalties and Music
347: Getting Work in Music  355: Leading a music making activity 
387: Rehearsal Skills and Live Music Performance (External Core) 363: Session Musician
364: Music Improvisation  384: Using a Keyboard with a DAW

Performances that all music students will take part in.

•October Showcase (Presentation to parents and friends the progress students have made in just six weeks of joining the Studio School).

•Christmas Charity Ball (Cross-collaborative project where all vocational subjects produce an event of celebration and support the ‘The Gap- Headspace).

•Mercian Festival (New for 2019/2020-  A celebration across the multi academy trust to applause the hard work and diverse talent we have across the trust.

•Physical Theatre Production (Cross-collaborative project where music students compose, arrange and record original music to be used for dancers and actors)

•Musical Theatre Production in A Week (Whole school production where learners work in a professional environment to put on a musical).

The music department has been proven to contribute to raising confidence, knowledge and experience for learners to enable them to be successful with their next steps to Higher Education. A number of our alumni students have gained places at some of the most prestigious institutes in the country.

A personalised, project based, collaborative learning space are all key factors in driving the curriculum in music, to allow for creativity, together with reflective evaluative learners who are equipped with the skills required for the real world of work.

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