At Walsall Studio School, students and staff feel safe and supported to meet challenging goals; there is a tangible atmosphere of mutual respect, high standards of behaviour, self-regulation, and pride in community. Parents, students, and staff have high aspirations; this is evident in the number of students who progress into our sixth form, and thereafter higher education, conservatoires/ acting schools or high-quality employer led training. 

The Studio School believes that all students, whatever their needs, must receive the best possible education, and our aim is to provide every unique individual with opportunities to excel personally, socially, and academically.

Walsall Studio School Policies 

What should a parent/carer do if they believe their child has a Special Educational Need?

Initially you should contact our Assistant SEND Co-ordinator, Ms. Rozina Kauser, to discuss your concerns. Ms. Kauser can be contacted by telephone on 01922 211292 or by emailing

How will staff support your son/ daughter?

A team of staff are in place to support your child at Studio School. Ms. R Kauser, Assistant SEND Co-ordinator acts as your first point of contact for all matters relating to SEN. Alongside this, Mrs. Pippa Bennett, Director of Student Wellbeing & Personal Development, is the senior leader with overall responsibility for our SEND strategy, and Mrs. Narishaa Singh (Assistant Principal with responsibility for Behaviour), alongside our non-teaching pastoral Key Stage Leaders, Learning facilitators (Teaching Assistants) and tutors are all key personnel.

The named governor with SEND responsibility is Mr. Dave Lomax. Mr Lomax oversees all elements of Walsall Studio School’s work relating to pupils with Special Educational Needs and acts as a link between the school and the governing body on SEND related matters.

How will Studio School staff prepare and support students joining?

Before transfer to the school the Assistant SENDCo will:

  • Ensure that the school receives the school records of all students transferring
  • Ensure that the school receives information from other relevant identified agencies 
  • Ensure that copies of the statements and Individual Provision Plans of students transferring are received
  • Liaise with the feeder school SENDCo, and where necessary attend the annual review of students with statements to ensure a smooth transition 
  • Meet with parents/carers of children transferring 
  • Be responsible for supporting the collation of appropriate information (to include IEP’s) and resources for all teaching staff and learning facilitators so that they may:
    • Use the information to provide starting points for the development of an appropriate curriculum for the student.
    • Identify and focus attention on the student’s skills and highlight areas for early action to support the student within the class.

How will teachers match the curriculum to the students’ needs?

In many cases, students can benefit from very simple strategies such as changing their seating position in the classroom or the provision of large font text.  Some students may require a combination of more specialized strategies. All students named on our SEND register will receive individualised education plans to inform the teachers of appropriate strategies to support your child. 

How is the decision made about the type and frequency of support that a student will receive?

Support at Walsall Studio School is funded through the SEND Notional Budget. Support is then allocated on a need basis, meaning that those students with the most complex needs will be given the most support. However, should this not be sufficient to meet the needs of the students, the school (with the support of the parents) may make an application for additional funding by means of an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

How are parents involved?

Parents are formally involved during progress review evenings, but also have the option to request ad hoc review meetings to discuss a range of progress and support related matters. Students who have an EHCP will have an Annual Review Meeting with parents’ contributions forming an essential element.

Who can parents/carers contact if they are not happy with the support provided for their child?

All concerns are taken seriously as the wellbeing of our students is central to the school’s aims. In the first instance, please feel free to contact the Assistant SENDCo, Ms Rozina Kauser.

How do students contribute their views?

Student voice is an essential part of the Annual Review and Quality Assurance process. Feedback from students is also informed by staff observation and assessment. Mentoring and guidance sessions are also a crucial source of student opinions.

Access Walsall’s Local SEND Offer via the link below

Consultation on new guidance document for SEND and high needs funding arrangements for children with special educational needs and EHCPs

Please read the following document if you are a parent of a child with SEND and HNF to express your views on the new government guidance on funding arrangements.

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