Year 10 Mathematics

Week 1


Year 10 Higher

  • To calculate probabilities of events
  • To calculate relative frequency
  • To understand experimental and theoretical probability
  • To understand bias and reliability
  • To complete two way tables and calculate probabilities
  • To understand mutually exclusive and exhaustive events
  • To solve linear equations
  • To factorise quadratics (double brackets)
  • To factorise quadratics using difference of two squares
  • To factorise quadratics using the formula
  • To solve quadratics
  • To solve simultaneous equations graphically
  • To solve simultaneous equations by elimination
  • To solve SE by substitution

Year 10 Foundation

  • Calculating with fractions
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Translations
  • Properties of 2D shapes
  • Area of simple shapes
  • Areas of compound shapesY10 intermediate
  • Angles
  • Indices and standard form
  • Coordinates in 4 quadrants
  • Straight line graphs
  • Probability

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